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I quit smoking in October of 2022. No more cigarettes baby!

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Click here to listen to my free music on this other website (From first 14 albums)

here the fair use content click here. (From first 14 albums)

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“Leaking the information you need to be smart, and joke about it, enjoy.”

Would you believe I am the chosen one? Putting my birthday on an old 90s show Courage the Cowardly Dog? Using my face, making money off my sperm. I have accepted these facts, not all my conspiracies may be true. It will take a long while to fix Augusto Gabe so enjoy this one for now. So enjoy Gabe94 or

All free. Notifications at the top… Secrets of Life at the core… Gallery below…

The website is about free expression, personal life. What Augusto Gabe has been through. They made a cartoon show about me when I was 5 “Courage The Cowardly Dog”, and put my trademark three moles on many different shows and puppets. To see the secrets of how my DNA was stolen through family and rehabs look into it. You won’t expect half the stuff you see. On a last note the books cover a range of things:

  1. Spying
  2. The Sperm Trade
  3. Police Officers
  4. Biography
  5. Conspiracy after conspiracy
  6. Illuminati
  7. And 1000 other things to come/cum.

Grateful that celebrities have shouted me out in their music, and will touch on this. Including some movies, I really feel embarrassed and lucky at the same time. A long journey in life wasn’t easy, hope to keep improving it. I was caught with drugs and have been sober for a long time, not my choice but this is the way things are. Let us explore together how we can create a better future.

Scroll below to see pics of Gabe, and testimonials from jerk offs… 15+ in U.S and 12+ in Spain. 14+ World wide… Enjoy! The place where millions of lovers, enjoy the content of this website. The secrets you won’t find anywhere else ON THE TRUTH! We love you. “Ready or not, here I come, you can’t hide, gonna find you, and take it slowly- Augusto Quote…”