Heavenly Things

God is everywhere and in everything you can taste the way God taste by eating a cow or by eating a salad. Or you can see God in humans even if they have rebelled with free will against the creator. You see the beauty in things.

When a culture celebrates food, you understand that they are glorifying a certain way of killing animals and eating them. In a perfect world we would never kill animals and God could just create angels that cook meat which is from dead animals that never had to die. I think meat will be in heaven for immortals, but I don’t think death will be needed to taste it. I think we may have some super powers, and gravity may be different depending on where we travel to. I believe helicopters can co-exist with us flying if possible.

I don’t believe hell is real because if it was that would mean that God or the gods that made us are cruel. Baptist say you burn forever while Seventh Day Adventist say you only burn for the duration of sins you have done. I also believe that suffering on earth varies from person to person. I know that when I suffer from not being able to talk to my fans or not being able to function without medication are all sufferings I had to accept about my human condition. And eventually I would like to leave medications and be sane but I think that they have helped me with sleep and what not.

Lastly when people say, “Oh who would want to live forever”. Is the perfect example of our brains being computers created by god, and that spirit they give out will mean they will die a peaceful death with no hell and no heaven. But I think people who believe in a good life here and a good immortality after death can taste immortality after death. Some will say heaven comes right away while some say you will be ressurected. I would like to think that we die and our brain transfers to another brain in an immortal body, and we can choose if we live another life in the next life even. Which is like me saying I could have lived past lives and been immortal, and gone through the cycle, but even without reincarnation I think immortality would never get boring if I could get laid, commit some vices, not hurt anyone, and enjoy super powers.

Diamond heart lady gaga I already know how I want my wife to look like let’s hope I get there one day but she can look any way. Maybe she spies on me already lol. Something I forgot to mention in Perfect Illusion I would always say I love you to the spies so, she says it wasn’t love. That’s true.

Ricky Martin Mordidita ft. Yotuel

Ricky Martin Vente Pa’ Ca ft. Maluma

Ricky Martin Adios

Luis Fonsi Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee

Enrique Iglesias Subeme La Radio ft. Descemer Bueno, Zion & Lennox

That’s my boy crazy movie about the hot teacher seducing the boy lmao. Another wacky Adam Sandler movie.

Jervalin someone who gave me a heart he knows about my website. Here is him defeating 6 hours on halo 2 Lasso halo 2 legendary without dying. I saw an article on him which is how I found out he is the first and only to achieve it. I tried Captain D’s because of him it taste really good I probably have watched like 6 or 8 of his long videos so over 3 days worth.

Halo CE the first halo legendary speed run crazy glitches