Mental Illness Thoughts

I will be discussing the reasons why mental illness is a problem in peoples lives. Do not take my advice if you do not want to I am not a doctor or anything like that, so many would disagree with me. But I think that people are grounded with a belief system, if you have a great belief system about creation, you have a purpose, God or Gods love you and love humanity, and some people choose with free will to be rebellious, you can avoid drugs in general, or go sober after relapsing, or forgive yourself and others. I was diagnosed as many things when I was younger, which I just think had to do with the drug meth, it is a hell of a drug, I do not recommend it, I have never tried blow believe it or not. But yeah, I think rehabs lie about stealing sperm and its a big conspiracy, which is an odd one to have. You always see girls wanting to have Justin Bieber’s baby or the crazy fan that wants to get pregnant by Tom Cruise, because it would be a beautiful baby. So in a sense the media somewhat covers this topic, but even the face mask twin theory I have spoken about is like having a girlfriend or wife who can be more then one person, who loves to spend time with you, and you shouldn’t get mad if one day they reveal to you that it was somewhat fabricated but the love was real.

However my doctor who I respect, he looks like Bill Gates kind of, he has thought of some of my conspiracies as not in the right mind. But I explain to him that it doesn’t effect how I act with people, I respect people for the most part, and I respect even those that don’t respect me, I don’t expect people to understand what it is like to be in my shoes, maybe I just have a crazy bipolar disorder like Carey from Homeland and I am just managing it, so I can function. I think its cool when you run into people who you clique with, the only problem in this fallen world of sin that we live in, people disagree, people get old and die, people kill people sometimes, and its a vulgar world where people curse and make explicit music, you have to adapt to be like them, in order to function. Some people will never understand what its like when I write lyrics, I am writing about experiences other people have had or even my own, some of my work can be very fun to listen to, but let the wrong person listen to it, and they will talk your ear off on how its offensive and what not, but I am sure people say this about Eminem, and Drake, and any small time artists as well.

How I personally feel about gambling. I have never gambled in my life. I do like the t.v show entourage and enjoyed the scenes at the casino. But they did act really stupid losing Vince’s money from judging a strip club contest. However I know people on my fathers side of the family that love gambling and have that addiction. I could go my whole life without knowing what it’s like. But I think it’s worse then cigarettes if I was honest. Unless you convince yourself of these things you will be tempted to lose money and get hooked on the high. It’s an addiction I suppose just like drugs are. However drugs I understand as an addiction. It’s a different kind of addiction. I don’t think I could ever get to the point to where I will throw away my savings but people who do that have a serious problem with themselves and their religious system, I think when your religion is not working right your gambling addiction is more likely to exist. Or if you experiment with drugs depending on the purpose of why you take them, you may not be as educated as professionals who did well in school who know drugs are bad, etc. No need to take my word for it, but try meditating on your religious beliefs and figure out where you stand with right and wrong and some people will think your delusional for that, when in reality it could be them that are delusional, that is like trying to prove the existence of a creator, we can tell by miracles of life etc. but some will choose to believe no such thing. I guess the only downside to religion is how anti gay and how cruel hell is and all that.

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