Awesome thoughts on Aliens

Let us say for a minute NASA is telling the truth and the Earth is round I am okay with that. What I am not okay with is evolutionist believing Macro Evolution to be true. Macro evolution is not scientific, that is cross breeding species like monkeys turning into humans. Look at horse shoe crabs thought to be extinct, millions of years old yet no evolution at all. I would like to say alien life is real and they live amongst us. I will put it this way.

Say Bill Gates is actually 100 people who rotate pretending to be this character known as Bill Gates and he is secretly aliens from all over the galaxy. They traveled here to planet Earth through either regular planes that the government has told us can’t fly out in space, or maybe it was through a helicopter. Point being you can notice people wear masks, this indicates other people rotate being that other person. Bill Gates has a face you can tell has changed over time, so if a yellow alien who lives on a far away planet comes to visit us, he wants to live as Bill he just chats through an alien computer to the mainland homeland people who control spying and technology and he travels undercover to be white.

So I do believe immortality does exist for many, just like if you watch that movie with Matt Damon called Elysium about the few who live on a special artificial area where they can be healed of disease and old age. I think there is some truth to this, but I don’t think all of us will live without tasting death like some people in the bible. However I have said in the past that stars could be like platforms that hold worlds of people, and the light underneath is made by god or something. But I could of course be wrong, I think these mysteries are here to keep us wanting more to work toward goals, even people who work at Microsoft are awesome people because they get the surreal experience of being so close to aliens, face mask wearers, people who know about secrets beyond our understanding. Lastly when they say certain celebrities have died, you gotta wonder if it was made up and that alien is leaving our planet and transcending into immortality, however an actual death would equate to immortality, like our brains our computers connected to the gods.

Kanye West- Diamonds From Sierra Leone

Drake Take Care ft. Rhianna

God’s Plan Drake I buy a lot of artist music on iTunes still even though I should use spotify, and iPods got discontinued recently.

James Franco and Bryan Cranston on Hot ones

If you type in Joe Rogan Bill Burr on Youtube, you can find like 4 or more interviews of him. I have watched them all.