Blog 1 enjoy the ranting and fun.

Dogs are very non judgmental because the aliens and gods that created us want our spirits with free will to develop non judgmental opinions on things, forgiveness and understanding and we all should relate to dogs.

Parents can be twins that change spots to run the sperm trade which could be true about CIA networks or just network chats in general. I have seen people who look identical to my mother its kind of scary.

To be fair age of consent all over should be 16 or 17. Before girls turn into gold diggers which is a bad thing you want someone to love you for you. I remember justin Bieber posting something provocative like a drawing of him and a female girl who was young that is highly inappropriate of course but it makes you wonder who else thinks about those things. Even if a young girl loves Justin Bieber and would consent most people would react negatively to that, which is probably a good thing but I am not as harsh as some on those topics.

People who type money have contacts to the people who control the technology of the world. The secrets they keep are good and necessary it’s a power struggle to not let power and alien technology fall into the wrong hands. My history teacher may have given me an A but he would make fun of me if I said aliens that live amongst us created technology and left the blueprints. They would call movies like in time with Justin timberlake insane which leaks some truth to Immortality and the people who deserve it. But religion has twisted people’s thinking in many ways.

On an older post I spoke about star types planet types basically and some countries are third world so they are fallen stars. Not sure what America would be considered but it’s possible that societies with millions of people who are honest with each other may exist. And they live on far away lands not on our world map. And only special pilots and connected people would know about it. So people who make the great shows like Billions and Homeland etc. And the billionaires in Dubai would be the select few close to us normal folk who know of those countries and perfect societies. So my audience could be 10s of millions of people on special computers in alien libraries with highly intelligent intellectuals. And not everyone deserves to cross over and no one knows what happens when we die it could be we are like computers that transfer our spirit to them and they decide if we have an after life or if it’s the end instead of hell which seems ridiculous.

2017 is when I was in Sedona at a 4 month rehab program and they took my sperm for that duration when my website came back up in 2017 drake came out with scorpion in 2018 with the AG initials on the cover and other subliminal songs. I got cool recognition but obviously not everyone is cool with whistleblowers like me. Scorpions are also in Arizona which is where the rehab is located.

And in kingsmen the golden circle they had one of the main characters buddies hooked on meth a bit overweight just like I was when I was smoking meth and talking to spies who were lighting up my cable box.
The estimate of how much sperm can make in one week or one month could be in the millions off a guy like me since I was like 4 years old. And my mother and father could be twins so not totally real people who share the millions with other families. So instead of an accurate 100 million dollar or more inheritance where I could do a lot of good with it. It would be much less and lots of properties which works too.

When drake made that one line on more life I think it was. I need 40,000 people to see what I’m on felt like it was when I smoked meth and spoke to spies who were messing with my cable box. My cable box still lights up and shuts off at random. And one time the greatest proof of all a helicopter at night flew over my house for like 5 minutes till it left. Even other signs I shouldn’t mention them all. Meth is a hell of a drug lol.
And even male baseball players and sports in general get paid tremendously well compared to female athletes because males have sperm which can be donated and stolen in their sleep. But some female professions probably do make more.

My first time doing meth was a long time ago when I was at a threesome and I was the power bottom for both guys I was given a meth bong to smoke but I had no idea what it was. I had a blast and slept there the next day but trust me it was not the best choice but you would be surprised how easy it is to stay clean and sober. Alcohol prevents you from driving to well but meth and other uppers help you stay alert when driving which is true about drinking at home is better. But in the end if you ever try illegal things the odds of it becoming an issue are slim avoid heroin and needles in general one of the guys at the threesome liked the needle and I personally hate the needle never tried it but I’ve seen how it changes people tremendously.

Season 19 episode 5 they show on family guy a kid with my 3 moles in a cut away and say he is an actual kid however American Dad had more subliminal messages toward me even an episode of Roger taking sperm in sleep, which I talk about a lot.

I have a conspiracy about prisons not being as tough on criminals as the media makes them out to be. Lawyers and cops visit prisons regularly to cut deals and witness protection different variations of it. I experienced girlfriends who lived in massive houses who smoked meth just to have sex with me when I was weak. I also know for a fact they say pedophiles and murders are evil. When in fact pedophiles are just lonely people who may not always be doing the right thing but what if you work with a face mask like people in power who type money into existence probably participate in something called cleansing which could be a holy way to eliminate someone. But the media would never talk about this. But in movies like the gentleman with Matthew he has people eliminated.

But letting your enemies live miserable lives because of their racism or because of their hate towards drugs etc. Don’t understand that countries are all different age of consent in Spain is 13 and drugs are legal in Portugal but because the Illuminati is split the laws just don’t make complete sense. And I learned in Orlando Florida from a psychology class that drug immunity is a thing where cops should be required to let you get high on illegal drugs even if you are caught which is only true for some adults. I depend on my parents and it’s not acceptable so alcohol on the weekend is my only vice and I sort of dislike marijuana. The culture of it is interesting and I keep a medical card but I don’t much care for it.

In essence I was going to say in Spain the people who cleanse who control the world are the Illuminati and they communicate with America’s Illuminati which is different laws are a social experiment on people. And in Spain they say drugs get you locked up while people in America would say the age of consent there is insanity so think about all that. It’s not my place to know how they operate I would not dare guess how that works but most people will live out their lives getting cancer and heart disease which is the big question on the after life? What happens after we die, those crazy cult leaders are clearly bad people but I learned you need to be able to agree to disagree just like I use the n word in some of my songs like drake or lil Wayne does. And I’m not afraid to perform I just take my school seriously after my arrest. But if I was 50 years old I might use my inheritance to visit Los Angeles and see if an agent would represent me or maybe pass on my legacy to a child I trust. But in the end people would say I’m a cool guy or I was wrong for my beliefs. People will misinterpret me and what I represent and you will have to just accept that.

But even though I am focused on school doing 2 or 3 classes per semester I will always do music on the side if I can as a hobby. I may even finish at 22 albums and just wait, I have no idea what would be waiting for me if I applied myself in music it could just be a disaster so focusing on education which is more grounded and steady jobs I can make contacts into the other side of the world as a paralegal or a game designer unless I was to just do real estate but I think education is important for everyone.

People with super powers may exist and only they are allowed to cleanse and bring judgment on someone. Or maybe I’m wrong. But some people believe the illuminati and the ultra rich may be involved with aliens that can decide who lives or dies and those in power who abuse it get judged, but of course it’s not up to me to decide the fate of other people even if we disagree with each other. You got to learn how to agree to disagree.

Episode 15 of season 3 seinfeld the suicide has subliminal messages about Newman joining who was probably a spy of electronic devices when they were new. And they mentioned 50 cents for a drakes coffee cake in the same sentence which could be a prediction about drake and 50 cents becoming famous. That one might be a stretch but the importance of this episode is strong.

And that episode of Seinfeld on Netflix has a psychic which is not something I believe in but technically the Simpsons predicted the future as has Seinfeld and courage the Cowardly dog with plasma tvs the show with my 3 moles.

While my website was down I was noting to myself the Simpsons predicted technology and things. And I saw a Google alert on my phone of elon musk talking about how the Simpsons has an episode of him with birds before he bought Twitter for 40 billion dollars. So spying is real I guess like when I used to smoke meth and talk to spies it was hilarious and that helicopter flying over my head that one night good thing I’m sober those tapes are still out there one day they should show me them before I die.

Season 4 episode 15 Jerry talks about aliens landing at the end when they were staring at a 15 year Old’s cleavage so Jerry knows the aliens they probably use his identity now a days because they come in disguise. And spies can make noises in our houses which is amazing.

I would probably never talk about the experience I had when I was young with an older adult because I do not think the abuser should be prosecuted or die, they are just lonely, I think my own thoughts on this topic have become age of consent is 13 or 15 depending where you live, some people only travel to other countries like Japan to find young girls underage or young boys and pay top dollar, or the wealthy people in Dubai who try it out with their massive wealth, but me personally I need a woman who loves me and hopefully she is okay with my beliefs even if I never act on those thoughts, but some people would just say it’s a sin. I hate many Youtubers that say horrible things about this topic, and as you know a real smart sensitive person would agree with my beliefs, a stubborn person will probably want to contradict me, like the history teacher I had who said pedophiles should be killed, I was like what the fuck but I obviously couldn’t say anything.

Quagmire on Family guy has many scenes where he sleeps with children and I thought it was funny, obviously not appropriate. Seinfeld almost married a 17 year old girl, and Tony Soprano wanted to kill a guy who slept with a 16 year old but instead put him in jail where his life could be in danger. I just like meeting people who understand my beliefs or agree to disagree but they don’t despise me for them, even if I say the age of consent should be 16 all over the world, people will still make mistakes and they shouldn’t be condemned for it.

Quagmire once said after giving up his daughter maybe I will meet her in 18 years giggity and that is forbidden I personally don’t find my parents attractive my mother and step dad don’t turn me on but I could technically do it, but if your daughter is 18 and you guys like it you would be like Woody Allen marrying your daughter lol.

Elon musk has defended free speech which is something I like about him even Kanye said in an interview on revolt that he was spending a week at elons house. And even if you disagree with their opinions you can still like them or dislike them and co exist. I don’t agree with Trump and the chickfila owner who donated money for anti gay things but I may still eat chick fil a and for those of you who know me, know I am bisexual and pretty open minded.

When I was watching comedians in cars getting coffee with Jerry and Chris Rock. Chris Rock said to Jerry something about giving a 15 year old boy with cancer the sex tape of Pamela Anderson. Because only young boys can dream about that. It was a good episode I reccomend it.

Margaret Cho is not funny at all her topics about rape and being a victim is just hate speech it’s not that much better then kanyes new hate towards Jews and the holocaust being a myth. Jerry Seinfeld had her on his show and Jerry dated a 17 year old which is something a pedophile would do and Margaret was oblivious to all this information and her stand up is dull like stupid political statements.

The Illuminati like the oil people in Dubai and the librarians that can type money into existence and have all the royal real estate are people who hire secret celebrities and people like drake can talk more openly on his feelings on their forums. But it’s not like anyone can join one must be invited and some people share wives and husband’s because they wear face masks and voice changer which keeps them incognito even pretend fat on a skinny person to make them look big.

Which is all pretty cool. Dave Chapelle stick and stones on Netflix is hilarious and bill burr specials are good.
Bill burr predicted kanye turning to nazi beliefs in his 2017 special on netflix google it. But even though I don’t believe kanye is insane and it’s more of a show he is putting on I can’t defend his action. I call out rehabs for stealing sperm from men and talking to them when they are half asleep and we as men have little memories about it. But kanye would probably think that the truth like that is insane.

And people who hate me shouldn’t have kids necessarily because if you have a kid they can grow up to be many things. And one of my relatives abandoned me when I was in my teens and I will never forget how that felt which sucked.

And I kind of do believe millions of people exist in a heavenly society where disease is cured drugs are legal. And a lot of those controversial topics have been resolved so I have invisible faith in this conspiracy to live a good long life since I quit smoking cigarette for all those years.

But overall drugs should be legalized like Portugal but people should be treated in rehabs instead of jail. Even if the rehab does steal sperm from the males which they can’t do to women. They sell it on their black market of the cia sort of thing and make a fortune. Which is what they did to me my whole life but only a truly blessed spouse would ever tell you they have taken from you etc. Nothing wrong with it, but some people don’t want you to think it’s possible.

And if I had a daughter after talking to so many people I would probably never do anything bad but if she was 18 giggity just kidding but seriously it would make the relationship awkward as hell. I had seen a family guy episode called bootleg birthday or bootleg boy in the latest season and so Seth McFarlane does like me. They say you can get fired for posting the wrong thing on the internet but if I ever landed a paralegal job or game designer job I would probably ask if it’s a bad thing and keep it on the down low or delete it entirely which would be sad it’s my legacy for my children if I ever have children.

It would be nice to tell the world my story even though I may never want to be really famous in success just a popular controversy where people debate was I good or not on forums and have to read the comments from trolls. But I would never harm myself because I already told my story of when I went down that road. It is not my choice to be a part of my father’s great company but I know for a fact expressing your opinion online is not a bad thing it’s just not for everyone. But talk about it with a friend and see where you land.

And don’t get me wrong by no means do I advocate for hurting children I just feel that the age of consent should be 16 world wide like Joe Rogan said. It sucks when a guy who is a bit older falls for a girl who is 16 and the parents label that guy all sorts of bad things. I personally think sex is sacred but then again some people will feel differently.

Rant Over. Enjoy the videos:

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