Blog 10

The Flaws Homeland has a show, but it still is really fun to watch. I can name like 20 more but I think this is enough, I even think many other shows aren’t close to reality, and yes the media can lie sometimes, fake news is a real thing. But I think we as individuals should determine what we believe and don’t.

Homeland has some flaws even though it’s a great fictional show. If any truth to it I would be surprised let me go down the list.
They never show the people who work for the CIA learning about face masks and twins. Like showing Carey being introduced to people who wear masks, and rotate between other humans to live other lives.

We don’t see special computers and secret chats with thousands of people in power and in different walks of life and places in the world sharing info.
Terrorism is dealt with severely. I would imagine the United States has Undercover people in countries where terrorism can happen and they catch them early for either jail or eliminating the terrorist.

Not to mention eliminating terrorist on the media shows that it takes forever but in reality the Under-covers can spy and find them easily. Through nano chips and telephone chips and computers etc. (Like Micro-chipping babies and dogs is a real thing, so they can do it to adults also.)

Not to mention bipolar disorder is a conflicting issue because people who dislike someone greatly may have a form of bipolar disorder. Doctors misdiagnosed me at one point in my life simply because I was on meth. But I do know for a fact that the truth sounds insane.

Season 2 episode called fly away they take out the phone and the audio cuts out, is impossible. Phones and microchips still work even when removed and with no internet.

Other Notes:
Why does God allow bad things to happen? Hurricanes and other attacks on our country? Obviously these things can’t be explained properly how could there be a God protecting us? Those are mysterious questions with no answers even though it’s obvious high forms of intelligence created us in the image of God and aliens. Bad people could be the ones who steal sperm and never give an inheritance to the parents who own that son. But do they deserve to die is a hard question indeed. It’s good for us to consider that no one is perfect, even though some people suck more then others when you think about it.

One of the reasons I don’t seek more friends through friend apps or date around to find the love of my life is because I am on strong medication that I have mentioned in the past, that keeps me tired, I don’t have the motivation to go out and do things, and I need to focus on finishing school, I have like 3 more classes left of community college to end up at the main school.

All the restaurants I love or like: Hangry Byson, Sakari Sushi, Seito Sushi, Chicken Guy, Wendys, Hillstone, and a few others.

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