Blog 11
The kid rock transgender bud light issue and should you stop drinking a beer, let me bring the comparison to me being bisexual who loves chic fil a and eats it once or twice a year even though the owner contributed to anti gay things. I think its absolutely stupid to boycott a product just because they support something homophobic or pro transgender, Stella is a really good beer owned by the same company, and bud light and Budweiser are not so bad either, even though I rarely drink, I think to stop stocking your shelves or to not buy these products because of this nonsense is ridiculous. I think all men and women are created equal, and what Kid Rock is doing is a form of slavery still in his mind, I don’t even listen to his music, he has like one good song I think, and the rest are a blur. But keep in mind like I said, I have eaten chic-fil-a as an openly bisexual man who loves ass and vagina of both men and women, so I think Kid Rock is either doing this as a publicity stunt or maybe he really is a bigot stuck in some way on the past. And Dave Chappelle makes a lot of tran jokes and I love Dave Chappelle, so I don’t get why people get so mad about this.

Now let me talk about racism below:
One of the reasons I love the greenbook which my therapist showed me is because it helped me with my own race way of thinking. I’ve never been a full blown racist but I am Hispanic and speak Spanish and have had racism used agaisnt me. But I can tell you being a mix breed of Hispanic and Italian people will look at you funny because I look a certain way you can tell by my photos.

And I have slept with two black girls before or more I forget. And I have also slept with like 7 or more black men in either bath house stranger setting or through gay apps etc. And it’s true that a lot of gamers carry some racism it’s truly appalling but we have to forgive.

Saying the n word in song is empowering for that word and jay z and fat joe and lil wayne and countless other artist have used it. And even though I’m not the biggest 2pac and biggie fan I have conspiracies about that. I don’t think it should be a bad word it means homie or friend. Or these guys. And Chris Rock and other Comedians have made hilarious jokes about the white guy saying it. Especially when you sing along to kanye or Jay z and you even look at the majority of the audience at a jay z and kanye concert is mainly whites and they all sing to the music lmao. I took Molly with a black guy once which he provided I rode his dick for a long time. I however don’t recommend taking Molly it makes you horny beyond belief.

Free Will: Let me explain how this works, we all have choices to make, and our lives are predetermined to a certain degree. I was predetermined to have my moles, by God and God set me on a path of having good genetics where my family could provide for me and have lots of success, and it attracts successful people, I was blessed. But I do agree I don’t know how much further predestination goes, it is a slippery slope because we can see two people raised in the same household and one ends up being successful and the other one is not, for whatever reason this is a reality in America and other parts of the world.

Or if we were in another part of the world, one grows up to be a good Muslim and his brother raised in the same house grows up to be a terrorist. The thing about free will is that it can be abused by people who do not respect God, now I love and respect the creator who made me, thus I respect people, even the bigot who banned me from his office. Same concept I have to respect and forgive people, because that is the right thing to do, and I hope you the reader try to do the same. The problem with some people is they ignore the conscience voice we all have in our brain that tells us right from wrong, and they get so jaded that they end up being terrible drivers on the street, they curse at people, a little bit of racism even, and so forth. So that is the last I will say about free will for now.

Other Notes:
Can bill gates talk to people through so called Schizophrenia voices the conspiracy behind that. (Got to touch on this one day.)
3% of 20 million or more people dislike me but most people like me.

The movie Greenbook is amazing, about an Italian guy down on his luck who works for a black musician and they travel the South during the racist time, its very good made me tear up a little.

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