Blog 12

Explain I’m a dirty comedian sometimes with my music and words, you got to know I am just kidding and having fun. I think we all have demons because of our past, if you grow up around drug addicts, you tend to become a drug addict, if you were touched at a young age with no consent you may turn to drugs when you are older, like in my case. I think people need to learn to accept music and all that comes with it. I like being the private entertainer that touches on controversial topics and I would need a wife to be able to understand me unless I die single who knows. George Carlin, Eminem, Chris Rock, and many others have made inappropriate and absurd comments pushing the boundaries at one time or another and some still do.

This one time a girl who was stubborn didn’t like me its like the example of goblin the famous YouTube guy who shared a story about a girl who didn’t want to date him after she found out he tried crack. Even if your sober and stay sober which is a good sign and a blessing some girls and guys won’t care and will be mad at you for ever experimenting. I call this fallacy of a belief the grand delusion of pharisees. Where like in the Bible, Bible pharisees always said lord lord look at me and all my good works I am worthy of heaven. But good works don’t get you into heaven. Google pharisee, a self-righteous hypocrite.

And even if I forgive a girl or guy for their ignorance. I pray that one day they marry a coke head or some fucked up thing like that so they know what it’s like to struggle to learn life lessons. That’s the prayer side of me but nothing bad like hurt them physically or anything like that. It’s like wishing people could see the light when their older like the old white racist guy or the old black racist guy who has to learn to love the young nurse of opposite color that takes care of them and their racism slowly dies.

That girl was a thot let me explain, she was in my Spanish class a long time ago, and she reached out on a public video the whole class could see, saying she wanted to talk to me. I one day responded by approaching her after class, giving her my business card which I don’t know why I carry, and she ends up calling me like 4 days after when on my other website I explained she was a thot, which is slang. It isn’t that bad, and she called just to say she got the wrong number, because I guess she is petty and a bit of a bitch, with no heart. She is the example of a prime candidate for absurd delusional thinking, where she thinks because I run a blog that is probably adored by millions that I should be frowned upon because she can’t date someone who loves to open up about life and share music he loves etc. (That Hoe Over There) not the nicest thing but she broke my heart, we could have been real good friends or dated if that’s what she wanted but I guess because I am bisexual it is wrong, but she can sleep around with guys on dating apps if she wants.

To all the young girls who read my work, don’t grow up to be like that girl, she may finish school and be a good student but she may date the wrong guys and talk shit about me till the day she is 50 because she is bitter and holds anger which is not healthy. I will just hope she forgives me, because I have done nice things for waitresses even like on the comment cards leave an autograph with my website link on it, and it could be worth a ton, I see no money in it, but I do it, to help staff, once a waitress wrote thanks on the receipt after I had done that several times. And I have had good relationships with women even the escorts, and marriage isn’t much different, if you get married you end up paying a lot of times for the women, I still save money and stay within my means. I quit marijuana and cigarettes a long time ago so I am saving a lot more as well.

And I know I am good looking, I could go to a dog park with my dog and close a girl if I really wanted to lay or if I asked out a waitress politely I could probably get a date, maybe even try my luck at dating apps but like in life 5% or 10% of the population is stubborn and doesn’t respond well to the things I represent. But no love lost, we got to grow up and keep our focus on school and other things I can tell you other stories in the future it will be fun.
If you have ever heard someone say “your watching to many movies” because your paranoid about fictional things happening. That is true about a lot of things.

If you think some of my past work is controversial listen to this by Eminem about murdering his wife and burying her with his daughter. Dark sense of humor. Terrible lmao (Eminen 97′ Bonnie & Clyde)

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