Blog 13
One of the cool things about graduating and working in law as a professional would be that after a long time of working, connect with people about who I am on the internet to sell some of my things like a computer or something I’ve owned to make easy money. And hit it off with great people. I probably wouldn’t tell them I am famous till a year or so after working with them, but they may secretly know me who knows, as long as you can do the job right and listen. Would definitely have to be able to sleep with out my strong medication when those days come, because you need to wake up bright and early.

I have allowed my step brother to take over our fathers rather big company of engineering. I never found interest in engineering. My passions are anything with law because of my political views on drugs should be legal and defense for criminals so paralegal or lawyer but lawyer may not happen since I am older. And game design a final passion in life that I don’t desire to focus on because of all the travel it would take to be in such a company. I believe sobriety is still important so don’t forget that.

Say I have 50 million or more total views. 70% may come from Asia and other countries outside of the United States which house millions of spies and Under covers. And they can access my websites through VPN programs which they use on their computers to change their location of internet connection in case it’s blocked in another country. Or even the software that can look up all websites in the world along with spying on every computer as they transfer it to less obvious spies in the field. You can even use VPN to access shows in other parts of the world. For example Sasha Grey The Girlfriend Experience I had to order the DVD so I could watch it, she is a porn star but this DVD is an actual movie where she plays a high class escort, and since I don’t use VPN anymore to change my Internet’s location, I couldn’t access on amazon the movie to watch through my computer.

I could eventually try to interview people at a jail when I’m older if all comes to fruition etc. And I will always respect my colleagues that I work with and if I work for a very long time there I may tell them about what I do assuming they don’t know already. And hopefully it goes over well. I really think finding a wife is more reasonable after I have graduated and gotten a job. Maybe dating works better then I am sure of it because most partners expect income unless it’s a booty call lol.

Side note:
Funny but true story I smoked weed illegally in Florida before it became medical. I won’t say where I got it from but it was never steady it was randomly smoking it. I would be recording at the studio with my producer and we got the hook up, I would smoke weed rarely and drink a beer with him, it was fun while we recorded. I recorded I Am A God and many of the first 3 albums during those times, and weed was illegal still but medical now, it has gotten way stronger so may not do it while in school.

Kid rock was promoting a product recently that I won’t mention which was a water that has been endorsed by transgenders in the past. Hypocritical much?

And a beautiful old video of Kid rock with a drag queen is somewhere online before he was transphobic and bigoted not to mention grandpa feeling frisky is creepy.

Oh and I am working on my next album, going to try to show my positive changes, like finishing school etc. I had to struggle a lot. Maybe like 20 songs original bought and 5 fair use not sure yet, may only release them in parts at first who knows all depends on my mood.

Oh I have so many gifs of breaking Bad and Entourage to upload, but haven’t gotten around to it. I think Amanda Daniels is hotter then Jamie Lyn, but that’s because I despised the Sopranos even though I watched it all like 3 times, not my favorite show.

Star Homeland (Heard this when Carrie was putting a black star for Brody on the wall, who died for his country regardless of his mistakes. Sad emotional scene.)

Terminal 7 Homeland

Hypnotize U N.E.R.D

Nas & Damien “Jr. Gong” Marley – Patince ft. Amadou & Marriam

N.E.R.D (No One Ever Really Dies) Hot N Fun ft. Nelly Furtado

Eminem Lose Yourself

Janis Joplin & Paul Butterfield Blues and – one Night Stand

Deadmau5 & Kaskade – Move For Me (Extended mix)

Jared Evan In Love With You

Phoneix Lisztomania

Hugo Bread & Butter

Gang Starr Above The Clouds

Tame Impala Half Full Glass of Wine

Wanda Jackson Funnel of Love

Free Sol – Don’t Give It Away

In For The Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Remix)

I kissed a girl Katey perry