A lot of new songs I am getting are from Breaking Bad since I am watching it for like the 10th or 8th time.

Blog 14

Not all real estate agents took the easy way out, for example: look at Million dollar listing New York and Los Angeles is fun to watch and my mother may be in real estate. I just don’t want to follow in an easy path I want some brand new feelings in law and what not. I think Josh Flagg is cute and funny and charming, and I like how he came from money yet became a success, through the help of his grandmother Edith on the show. I like him and respect him a lot, so not all real estate agents are in the losing bracket, I think it would be a shame if I just took over my mom’s business and made a good amount but didn’t like what I was doing, I really should seek to do things I like and love.

The new song by Drake that I have posted already has these hints: Mentions other planets because I speak about other planets and the immortals on other planets especially on my older website. And the girl in the audio says “I saw it on the internet” which is a subliminal message of me since lots of lawyers and cops know about me my message travels far. I don’t think Drake would sue me if I was popular and was on Joe Rogan and all that, I think I could talk my way into his heart, to use his music on the fair use website, its just what I had to do to make great music, they got some great beats, and many people think music should be more freely used. And the media lies about who gets sued and such, it is very hard to prove, unless you are the lawyer involved in the case with hard evidence, it is all rumors, and the media is known for lying. And they do not always lie, which is why the media is deadly in that way its like giving you, your favorite drink with some poison in it, you won’t notice.

Someone finally explained me the pick waffles joke to me on Reddit. I also have read a lot of celebrities that use Reddit to answer questions, like google “Breaking Bad Stars IAma on Reddit” and do that with Homeland and other shows and you can find celebrities posting and answering fan questions. I may not do that till I am 60, I like my privacy and I am not even famous on the level of Drake, Rihanna, and Tom Cruise with billions knowing me, just a healthy amount of all cops or most cops, most lawyers or all lawyers, and their families, and whoever I have told, and people who spy, and people who use the internet to search for websites through networks, and the CIA, and government employees in general. And maybe they have taught about me at some law schools and even schools with kids who talk about me, or they saw me advertise it and they make a day in class out of it.

When I read about how successful some actors and musicians are, I know in the back of my head the numbers are exaggerated most of the time. Even kanye came clean that he didn’t have as much as he claimed. That’s why you can’t believe net worth and rumors you see online, make educated guesses and understand it deeply. Or take it with a grain of salt. I also believe that with music and acting the days to make millions of dollars is almost over, because they rarely get new actors, and think of the 90% or 95% of musicians and actors who never make it anywhere, and just end up dead images on Sound Cloud or in some indie movie never published. I think the entertainment industry is hard core. And the media doesn’t mention how Ryan Gosling can sell his sperm to the rich house mommies and to the people of Dubai who wear face masks and travel to other parts of the world including the United States, to raise kids they bought with oil money. This is all a conspiracy that I think could be based on reality.

Last note: It is hard to describe how Family Guy and other shows like American Dad have made subliminal messages toward me, but that is cool, I am pretty famous amongst the super stars, and their network of people, I think that if I had a direct line I could get on top of the world, but I have to create my network and find existing ones here in Florida for the time being with school and all that.

Going to list crimes in categories. These are my opinions. From category 1 to 5. 5 being the highest. These are my views they aren’t perfect.

I won’t list them all, just these.

Category 1: harmless crimes that are not the worst but are not completely justified based on morality.
1) being an escort

2) hiring an escort

3) weed

Category 2:slightly more harmful.
1) Underage content that is wrong. But not actually harming a child. A lot of people don’t know this but cops control this sort of content. Because it always gets taken down.

2) Vandalism

Category 3: moderate harmful
1) physical altercation unless in absolute self defense (millions of hot heads who get into fights over nothing, especially bar fights.)

2) Threatening someone who has never threatened you, in whatever capacity.

3) Harming a child. Many adults travel to Tokyo and other parts of the world to practice the bad thing I won’t mention, it happened to me when I was younger so I forgive who did it to me. But I also think a lot of Youtubers don’t know how to discuss this topic without getting emotionally fragile. It is a common practice for people who would never do it to their own children, who would travel to other countries to do it, and its obviously wrong, some people think its worse then murder which is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. You can survive abuse but you can’t survive a murder to the dumbasses who don’t know that. By Child I mean 15 or younger, not 16 +. Teenage pregnancy and teenagers having sex is common and should not be villified, I am not a strict Christian nor should you be, promote safe sex. But I think the age of consent is 18+ in many places because parents want their kids to finish school instead of focusing on romantic life, so they can accomplish a lot.

4) Doing Hard Drugs

5) Selling Hard Drugs

Category 4: serious harm
1) accusing people of rape or some sort of heinous crime because of how they speak or act etc.

2) Claiming they had sex with you, if not true it’s pretty serious.

Category 5: most severe
1) Cold blooded gun or knife murder.

2) More serious assaults that are close to murder.

3) Drunk driving

Billionaire bruno Mars ft. Travie McCoy

Mirror lil Wayne bruno mars

Richard Ashcroft Running Away

Led Zeppelin Going to California (Live at Earls Court 1975)

Kanye West Heartless

She wants to move (N.E.R.D)

Creepin weeknd remix The Weeknd, Metro Boomin, Diddy & 21 Savage

Breaking Bad The Hole Glen Philips

Your Moving Me Clyde McPhatter

Paul Rothman – It’s such a good night

The Silver Sea-Catch Yer Own Train

Gnarls Barkley – Who’s Gonna Save My Soul

Don Omar – Danza Kuduro ft. Lucenzo

Lex Fridman interviewing Elon Musk