Blog 15

I played against a moron who got mad and messaged me when I teabagged him. I usually get like 20 kills more or less and play team Slayer on halo and team death match on call of duty and sometimes get over 30 kills on call of duty. So I don’t play so good on this level called chasm which is a shitty designed level where the good sniper players can own everyone.

I was able to teabag this kid multiple times because he is garbage without a sniper. And he teabagged me first and he lost his mind on me when I teabagged him. I hope he liked the taste of my nuts in his face. Dealing with little kids or overgrown adults that take this way to seriously is annoying. Some people should just not be on video games. And I tend to stay in party chat with my brother or not use a mic if I play alone so I don’t deal with idiots cursing in my ear. And he was probably cheating or maybe he was just good with a sniper, but that level Chasm has no coverage, it is a garbo level.

They made me out to be a bad guy on breaking bad. Gus fring who was the evil character was a general from Chile under Augusto Pinochet’s army the ruler. Even my birthday appeared on the train scene when they are robbing the millions of dollars worth of methylamine.

The time I lost weight on meth. I probably was losing like 10 pounds a week by not eating, and I was full of energy. I ended up gaining a lot of it back. I dropped down like 30 pounds, it was insane. I would go to the place to lose weight, weigh myself and she would be shocked at how much I was losing.

Describe the successful people who do adult content from comedians to actors who share that darkness to my website and to my personal feelings. Versus artist who use lightness and playfulness on a scale. And can we all be accepted for our craft differently. Seinfeld was always the clean comedian, you can always count on it to be of all ages. My content is a bit mature so 13 or 16 and older is the age to consent to strong content. George Carlin was a dark comedian I loved I recommend him, and Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and Bill Burr, and maybe even Kevin Hart. Not everyone is clean like Seinfeld.

The time I met a rapper who did dmt and I thought he was an Undercover cop but I still respect him. I won’t say who he is because I don’t think he likes me. I had mixed feelings about him, he strikes me as an arrogant guy. I grew up with him in school but we weren’t close friends. He makes lighthearted rap, the kind I can’t stand, I like some light hearted songs but it was way to energetic. I once had a great interview with him, but I lost it on my computer because I didn’t back it up. And he would always tell me how much he loved DMT and drugs like that, I don’t think we would stay friends. He could be a narc or a cop, when you deal with drugs your bound to get caught, I got caught so it can happen.

Even the fact that how I got caught with meth was by returning it, to the dealer on Grindr. He was a narc or undercover cop and he sold me the real 900$ worth of meth, but he ratted on me and got me pulled over when he didn’t show up to the first location. Just for trying to return it, and the conspiracy was that I was trafficking, all a bunch of lies, it didn’t stick in court. I am not mad, I made the mistakes so I had to live with the consequences of drug testing and family problems till I gained back their trust with good clean living.

People are so foolish on this anti LGBT thing they got going on. All the major companies like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, coca cola, and so many others are pro LGBT. I also don’t believe all the numbers of bud-light losing sales, I think the media would not have those numbers, the media can sometimes lie to us the public, and we need to take it with a grain of salt.

Do you believe you deserve forgiveness and how can it be attained if not Jesus then who? I think forgiveness is important to have for yourself because you are human, but you need to stop acting out those bad actions. You need to not be down on yourself if you are trying to better yourself. I think forgiveness comes from God and the angels that protect us, we need to have faith in good things to come. Jesus was my savior for a long time, but when I found out how much he disliked gay people and claimed they would burn, I got offended, I think bisexuals like me and gay people and all other forms of people in LGBT shouldn’t burn for their lifestyle choices. Or maybe we were born that way, either way the biggest companies in the world took a stand to protect the LGBT community.

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