Blog 16
I am about to finish Ozarks and got classes starting soon. Got a math tutor lined up, the hard stuff as usual Algebra advanced etc. I remember the time I went to a Math tutoring center that taught a bunch of kids, and I would sit with the tutor and do homework with her and I was the only student learner, it was hilarious. But if a kid read my website they would automatically love me and that is why I should be approved for ages 13 and up or around there.

I love a good burger with fries and hot coffee made at home it is an excellent combo.

Let me explain what I thought about the plot holes in better call Saul but what I love about it also. I don’t believe that Saul would have gotten away with so many of his crimes as Jimmy Miguel, as a lawyer he is very flamboyant. I like him a lot but a lot of people would have taken him down so that is a plot hole. Also Kim Wexler is way out of his league she should be with me, just kidding. I also like how the cartel is never caught because that is a big plot hole, they always get caught by undercover cops, and the cartel may have undercover cops in it already.

Immortal beings that originally created technology and spying passing it on to some mortals. I think Immortal beings exist and they watch over our Earth and in death or if we live like Enoch and never taste death we get to see immortality. But I think that they can visit us if they wear a face mask just like the video I showed of the face mask wearers in previous post.

They probably had the blueprints for all the technology, they probably visited when kings and rulers existed. They probably decided to bring technology with so called intelligent people like Albert and those other ones, but in reality they were masked aliens from far away. Spying is probably a form of protection, and caring for the community.

My relationship with Peter, I won’t say his last name but he works at State Farm Headquarters in Polk County far from Orlando which is where I am around. And I can tell you right now that I had to drive over an hour about 55 miles total or more I forget, just to see him. It was my only real romantic relationship besides a guy I asked out at Winter Park Tech and he was a guy also, black one I will call him Kai but that is not his real name.

My relationship with Peter consisted of us smoking cigarettes, a lot of good sex, usually me being the bottom and sometimes the top. He was in his early 50s when I met him, and he always loved to make inappropriate jokes when we hanged out. I wanted to settle down with him later in life and he didn’t want to so I think I automatically ended that relationship for good, but I wish him the best, he was a pleasure. And as for the black boyfriend he may have been in the closet and he is around the same age as me, him and I don’t speak anymore but I still care a lot about him.

I had a bit of a girlfriend I cared about who I met in classes, and we flirted because of the funny things my shirt would say. And we hit it off and I got laid and I pulled out every time I came so don’t worry, but she ended up hating me for that I think, she never said why, but we stopped talking, it was fun though.

I am so glad I quit smoking cigarettes, those things kill don’t pick it up kids or use the nicotine patch to quit afterwards!

American boy Estelle kanye

Nerd ft. Rihanna Lemon

Ginza Samba Vince Guaraldi

Los Zafiros – He Venido

Prince Fatty – Shimmy Shimmy Ya ft. Horseman

The Association Windy

Quartetto Cetra – Crapa Pelada

I don’t mind lyrics jamie Dunlap & Scott Nickoley

Alexander Alex Ebert – Truth

Pretenders – Boots of Chinese Plastic video