Blog 17

People who get easily offended shouldn’t be in positions of power. I think that people who are lawyers and are top notch, and people who work in media at the highest levels need to learn how to deal with opinions from all sides, and they can’t be easily offended. I do think however the media can lie to us the public about when people supposedly get fired for ridiculous reasons, or other things in general. They are pretty convinced that this Corona virus thing is a real killer with no actual proof, the science behind it is flimsy. If I told you that I posted a photo of me drinking Corona on my website you would probably think I am full of it.

I like having my feet worshipped and I like having my ass eaten with the gay hookup apps, but with the girls I see I eat their ass and lick their feet.

I of course got the vaccine, and I accepted that people at offices will say wear a mask, and I had to accept the virus as real. But I think cancer is real, and Aids and those things are more real and more dangerous than some new version of the flu. I just don’t believe it when people say this Corona thing is dangerous.

What I think of online dating and hookup apps:

Well I think online dating is a dangerous game in a way. You are letting someone on the internet who could be a scammer or catfish come into your life and they will never want to meet. The other thing about internet dating is some girls profiles are so full of it, like “Don’t swipe right on me unless your going to treat me like a princess.” And this attitude of treating a girl like she deserves everything is a dangerous attitude in our society of being a gold digger, its just not healthy. I dated a guy who was in his 50s, and we split bills most of the time, and he never bought me a car to be my sugar daddy and all that, I just find it extremely harmful for a meaningful relationship.

Not to mention if you have a type of girl in mind and you want them to be a certain shape or size, you can forget it. It is much easier to just ask a girl out in person, I think doing so is much more satisfying and helpful if you find the one that meets your eye, and this can be at so many locations every day things. I think online dating works for sugar daddies and sugar babies if they want that, or hooking up with nothing but guys and no girls unless your standards are different, and I have slept with women who are not in the best shape, and I consider myself to be in decent shape but not as bad as some people I know who love junk food and weed etc. I think on a personal level I want to end up with someone who is in shape, I am just enjoying playing the field with girls and guys and sleeping around, and with girls I usually have to pay, and maybe a male friend who I pay is not a bad idea that way I avoid contact with having to many male partners, and I am thinking of taking PrEP to avoid HIV, but if I ever caught that I would have to live every day like its my last, and just ask out a lucky girl who would be lucky to be my friend or girlfriend and mingle. So yeah if I ever caught it I would ask out girls like crazy and just make sure they know I have it.

I have even considered getting a part time job somewhere, but I am still not sure about that, my parents want me to finish school.

Items I like to consume eat and drink etc.

I love Diet Coke, Diet 7up, Vitamin water zero acai blueberry pomegranate, propel water zero certain flavors of it, maybe some other time I will dive into this.

Black ft. Norah Jones by Danger Mouse Daniel Luppi

Stay On the Outside by Whitey

On a Clear Day You Can See forever Peddlers

1977 by Ana Tijoux

Goodbye ft. Soap & Skin by Apparal

Funky town

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