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Some people wonder what makes a person think the way they do. But I can tell you we all have a universal consciousness of the world and morality and we know not to be annoying naturally to others or to be rude to others but some people push the boundaries of what we naturally feel and they turn into judgmental jerks and love to sit on a high horse. And I have always allowed my mind to be open minded to that inner voice of hope or god or whatever you believe that inner voice is that gets you out of trouble when you listen etc. So always focus on making your conscious to not be so judgmental so you can flourish.

And although the age of consent should be 16 so guys don’t go to jail for dating in high-school specifically some people love to make themselves feel better by saying people who are into that are evil and say terrible things about them. Liking someone who is 16 labels you the p word. Which is a bad word just like midget just like nigga just like cracker. All those terms hurt someone and some people love to be harsh and I never understood the hatred toward that. Even if you disagree say they are under 16 you could recommend therapy for someone who thinks about those things. And some countries deal with this issue differently I was listening to Joey Diaz and Joe Rogan. And even though I’ve heard Joe Rogan talk with Theo von about the age of consent being 16 and what it was like to have sex at 16 was okay but that’s technically pedo. And joey Diaz loves to run his mouth like he is a mob boss about that topic. Egotistical and arrogant bill burr and Dave Chapelle are way funnier.

And I have thought about how game designers don’t always work on the games they like and traveling is a must to get into the best companies but with paralegal I could do that for a few years successfully and meet the love of my life along the way and then try to do game design in the future if my spouse is okay with it. And my family has been supportive and I am blessed to have them I would feel like I have failed them if I don’t finish but it has been hard to get my hands on adderrall for studying so I may start with wellbutrin first to see how it goes. As long as my dick isn’t limp but I take viagra anyways because the saphris I take to put me to sleep makes cumming to fast without the viagra. But I could say many things about medication.

Another topic I could rant or talk about is the fact that Tom cruise was whistle blowing on a mission impossible movie about mask disguises which can be so realistic they make you look real. I forget which number of mission impossible it is but I do remember how I have met adults some teachers some lawyers even other people close to me in my life i suspect that have twins of people meaning as long as they are the same height and stature they probably rotate as people which is cool I like that idea. But I have spoken about this before if your a long time reader.

I will go on record saying I try to respect different life styles but it’s so dangerous seeing these people using steroids to enhance their performance. I watched trafficked with mariana van zeller steroids is the name of it on YouTube I bought the season. I skipped the scammers one and the boring ones but I watch the drug ones she is a good journalist and it’s insane how these body builders are promoting to kids to distort their bodies for the worse. And some people think I am the devil just because I have an honest blog about conspiracies which could never influence you in a bad way. I talk about my past with drugs but I am so off that. Decriminalization would be good though like Portugal!

While I do respect death whether it was a bad person or not. It’s hard to completely understand what the feelings are like unless it’s close family or in the case that the media and many older women and men don’t want the truth about stolen sperm to come out. Whether you found out your family took it when you were a kid or whether it was a rehab or jail taking it from your sleep these secrets of big money and spying hiding is all a part of a grand scheme that our offspring will one day have to whistleblow. They tend to focus on anything that isn’t related to this serious issue.

And while it’s true that I once pawned one of my awesome laptops for a big bag of meth in my dark times I would never steal from family during those times. And I even stopped meth when I had like 28 grams of it and I paid 900 dollars for it. I asked the dealer I found on grinder the gay app if I could return the drugs after smoking very little of it and I was able to come off the meth because I had trazadone for sleep and xanax for the withdrawal and the dealer who was legit set me up. And I never had the desire to hurt or hate the guy who set me up. So hopefully I have dispelled some myths about this I have spoken about some of this in very old posts.

And I did stop taking Xanax and it was only 3 bad days of withdrawals not sure if that’s counting the first day I decided not to take it. 0.5mg extended release once a day and that’s the lowest dose. I still have plenty in case but I think I can function without them. I may avoid pot even though it’s medical for me simply because I may do better in school without it. Maybe only toke it during breaks of school. I quit cigarettes in October of 2022 which was good nicotine patch did it for me for about a few days then I stopped putting it on. I don’t even crave cigarettes anymore it smells so bad when I see people smoking.

The interview is a great movie with Seth rogan and James Franco about Kim Jong un. And the kingsman the first two are particularly really well made the third is decent but not bad.

And just like how I have explained human race of higher intelligence with better technology does exist on far away stars or lands. If we watch the futurama episode where Leonardo da Vinci was the smartest on earth with his inventions visited from another planet full of smart people. Even dying when we are here on this earth maybe our brain has wifi and goes into new bodies into heaven or the end whichever it may be.

The Simpsons is about yellow people which could represent other human life that does exist far away of yellow people and maybe Homer is based on a real person. And maybe helicopters and planes can fly throughout outer space and reach other planets but only few know about this.
There is a hank Schrader video which is hilarious like a compilation of him losing his mind. He doesn’t mention me not that I know of but he says “I hear you like anime girls but you have trouble talking to girls ” and I thought it was accurate about me. I personally want to become a paralegal or something like that to work in the field and go out with a girl I could meet through my boss networking whether she is in my field or in a different field. I just feel like girls at school are not so mature and I would be dating someone I don’t like and the girls I do like are waitresses that are in shape or a little thick but people tell me to never ask them out. Maybe one day I can be a swinger and conquer those fears but for now just prostitutes in Miami and what not.

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Zack and Miri Make a Porno is an amazing romantic comedy of porn turning into love.

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Chris D’Elia- Eminem Impersonator compilation.

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Sparc Mac Old School Runescape he is fun to watch. I also learned how to type super fast without looking at the keyboard by playing this game as a kid, I talked a lot of shit sometimes and got muted, I love the fact that you can’t voice chat because it would take away from typing. Kids need to learn how to type.