Blog 4

I think my website has been around since 2016 or so. It was and it had a different look then what you may remember but I even had a decent following on YouTube when I used to make content vlogging etc. I think my foot fetish videos have been around for over 9 years. So I made them when I was 19, but I remember doing youtube when I was 16. Some people knew me as Number1OnForbesList, which never came true but I still got time to marry Bill Gates, just kidding lol.

I’m going to go off on one rant, the rant is about the law, I had to deal with a hard brick wall, and probation after getting arrested. I know this wasn’t my lawyers fault and he was just helping me, but I had to live in constant fear of going to jail, even though I remember learning about drug immunity in school before my arrest, when my psychology teacher preached about it. I was tweaked on meth and would keep it in my red bag and would talk to the girl next to me and she would think I was crazy. I may or may have not been tweaked way too much lol. But I even saw this psychology teacher at a food spot I forget which one, and I didn’t say hi, but he had like a face mask on or something with the sides of his face loose, this was ridiculous. I have even seen black twins that were a taller version of the black guy I saw in court all the time when my lawyer would make me go.

So I kind of want to work in the field and help people with criminal records, and guide them. But the whole point of the rant, is I think the law could have treated me better during the course of it, with maybe it lasting a year or so would have been better, I would not have wasted so much time. I was under stress, and if you read my previous work you will tell stress is dripping from my expression. But I am happy that the results were good, I always tell my therapist if I ever get in trouble again it won’t be drugs nothing serious just hiring girls that are over 18, which is good. I have enjoyed many escorts.

I have told three escorts in Miami about my website, I love them all one day I will talk about how I lost contact with one, and how I speak to the other who visits me in Orlando even on rare occasion and the other one who is on standby who wanted to marry me. I have seen others also but I will keep that a secret. Escorting laws are only because we live in a Christian Country, I think Nevada legalized it finally, but that would be way to expensive to visit, as long as your not getting them off the street, avoid explicit talk, and ease your way into it, you should be fine. I think California just finally sort of legalized prostitution, it is easier for street walkers over there. I may try to post only on the weekends but don’t quote me, if I fail forgive me.

Ricky Martin Frio ft. Wisin & Yandel a very beautiful song I speak Spanish so you will have to look up the english lyrics to this, its about a beautiful girl in the video. I would listen to this when going to concerts at 17 in the car, with the family.

Jay – Z On to the next one ft. Swizz Beatz

Eminem Darkness Sad what happens to some people.

Interstellar Movie – Official Trailer 3

Neil deGrasse Tyson Won’t Stop Annoying Joe Rogan, this guy 2 lazy 2 try uses a picture of George Costanza from Seinfeld, it is hilarious, he is a great commentator. He gave me a heart once, it was nice.

Molly Stories with Goblin he is very entertaining to watch but he does talk about his experiences with hard drugs and stuff like that.

This guy goblin is crazy good at telling stories.

Joe Rogan Donnell Rawlings & Dave Chapelle