Blog 5

So to continue with the story, I spoke to my therapist who I’ve been seeing since my release of Sedona in 2017. And I see her in person because online therapy is less effective in my opinion unless you have no way of leaving the house. And anyways I told her about what happened now mind you she has always been kind about my website even when I’ve talked about harder subjects, she is a paid professional who respects me and my craft and I respect her craft. She found it abominable that a chiropractor would go through the lengths that he went through to ruin my progress from the terrible back pain I had again from the car accident that wasn’t my fault.

So my mother and I refer to this guy as the mother fucker. I had to respect his stubborn decision at the end of the day, but it was brutal on her. And anyways my therapist spoke to her ex husband who is a chiropractor a much nicer one at that. He heard the story and was in shock, and he was able to take me as a patient. The funny thing is this chiropractor is much nicer and more relatable and encourages me to finish school. The only thing I sort of missed was the massage offered at the other place, but I could do without having people thinking I’m some kind of scumbag treat me for the back pain just because I am a different sort of entertainer.

I will also mention this one guy I met at a bath house who loved to fuck with me. He loved watching South Park and this was a much longer time ago, but when I would visit him he would love having great sex but he got upset or something and just decided to never speak to me again after I shared my website with him. This was obviously a much longer time ago. But talk about stupidity, he works at Disney so that should tell you Disney is pretty racist according to family guy. And I stopped going after being a child.

Those are the only ones I will mention because that covers most if not all incidents. Not a big deal, I am happy that this part of my life is closed. I have always loved people who respect my opinions and I can respect them back. And going back to the motherfucker, who will remain unamed, he made such a stupid decision losing out on so much money from my insurance, and losing out on a great friendship of professionalism he could have had with me. I personally think he could have just said, look Augusto I didn’t like it that much and that would hopefully be the end of it. But no he decides to be the dumb ass who thinks opinions on the internet that contradict with your own should be alienated and discriminated against. I never understood discrimination as I did on this day so well. Even people in my life close to me, my therapist, the new doctor, and others think this guy is self absorbed because he promotes his business in a very self-centered way, I won’t say how because some will recognize him.

But I will continue to succeed in school got to work hard guys! You got to wish your enemies well so they suffer with regret. Learn to agree to disagree with people, respect others, and learn to speak your mind in a safe way, and don’t stop talking to someone because they blog that is silly.

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