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Blog 6

Grandma and grandpa are based on the grandparents on courage the Cowardly dog. My grandma is super nice but she is religious she would be Muriel and her husband who passed away is Manuel and he wore suspenders and watched a lot of football (soccer because we are hispanic) and he lived with us for a long time. And grandma loved to cook. So the grandpa on courage the Cowardly dog wore suspenders also not sure if spies knew about us or what. But that was interesting besides the fact that 3 moles on my left side of my face are on courage the Cowardly dogs left side and one mole on the right. And I used to have a white mark inside one of the moles which is on courage back. Courage The Cowardly Dog came out on November 12, 1999, and I was born on 1994, so someone knew about my existence to use my 3 moles on the left side of my face with such precision and the one mole on the right side, of course now I have a few extra as I am older, even the white inside one of the black ones when I was younger was accurate about Courage’s back side.

Now let me get into the information I forgot to post about Blog 5, to wrap up my thoughts.

The times people discriminated against me because of my website.

I will start by saying I probably do have an unknown absurd amount of fans who work as professionals as lawyers, doctors, and unemployed people when I used to interview people who smoked crack. So I have a healthy 200,000 or way more of a fan base possibly a million. Considering Billions of people exist. So first I’ll start with the time I got into a car accident this is a more recent one. I had to find a chiropractor and let’s just say I found one who I thought was cool. He worked on me and treated me very well till one day I decided to share my work of art with him. And I got ignored for a while when I had appointments and eventually he calls me in and I go with my mother who just had questions because I was involved in a serious accident which wasn’t my fault according to the officer at the scene.

Let’s just put it this way, he made up the excuse that my music was breaking the law because I have bootlegged some songs and remade them as parodies which I believe falls under fair use, however I did not mention to him that it was fair use. It broke my mother’s heart that a doctor if you can even call him that, would go through the lengths of making me sign an agreement like I couldn’t see him anymore.

So besides the fact that using images and music can be protected under fair use. I also have to explain that people who judge other people unfairly is different then people who judge people fairly. Let me explain, let’s say you are as an example a rageaholic coke head who loves to cause trouble in your friend group. I may have to fairly judge you if you came in contact with me a sober ex meth head who understands the depth of drug use etc. But if the coke head wants to judge my website because the music is offensive or the words are too strong, is simply the conscience which feels convicted is hearing a powerful message come out of someone important in the eyes of God.

I could also say one more example of judging fairly and unfairly. Let’s say a girl is talking to her friend and the girl is told by the friend that the guy she is dating is bad. But this is not because of him being a woman beater or verbal abuser etc. She just doesn’t like the guy the way he is confident and kind or his personality say that guy could be me for an example. That girl dating me in that example could either accept this bad apple as a friend and take her advice and dump the cool boyfriend who is not a woman beater or anything bad like that. Which would cause heartbreak and confusion or she could tell her friend she agrees to disagrees and let’s her know she will continue to date the cool boyfriend and she will just have to be cool with it. At the risk of losing a friend.

So to be clear you will gain and lose friends in your life time. It is your decision which ones you keep. I had to get rid of a toxic friend in my life who I met when I was 14 and he was in his 20s. I would ride my bike in the neighborhood and run into him. We hanged out for years and he struggled with alcohol so I had to accept as I got older he would want me to drive him to places to drink during the day he had like 3 duis and it was a serious problem. The only problem with this friendship is he got worse over time. Let’s put it this way, he wanted coke the last time he messaged me years ago and I have never dealt with that. So should I choose to keep this friend who is a bad influence or should I get rid of him peacefully and find new ones? This can apply to relationships as well.

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