Blog 7

There are many reasons why I can’t travel to Los Angeles to chase a dream which could be rare to get let me explain how fame is fixed with people who wear face masks, and all that. Which is silly referred to as the Illuminati by small artists who have trouble making it. Fame is a delicate thing, and even though I may or may not do well with certain record labels, the risk reward may not be worth it at this time. Plus I should set a good example to my younger audience by finishing school which is important.

And it’s not like I don’t think I could make it as an actor or musician I just see so many problems that could arise if I went in blind. And people with the connections to strong networks are usually the ones who graduated as lawyers or other professions and they are able to even sell their identities to the wealthy who can pretend to be them to live their life.

It’s also like saying drake started legit in Canada and eventually he became the chosen one for the Dubai people to impersonate him just to feel the rush of being a super star.

My therapist even said that I should not leave Florida because she loves having me around. So even if I wanted to move I would have to arrange something online with her. The thing about game design companies that I dislike is you have to start from the bottom and intern which is not a bad thing. To get into the bigger companies, with legal stuff more job opportunities which is a fact. But don’t let it dissuade you if you want to study games I think it’s noble. Maybe if I find secret contacts when I’m older I would attempt to try it. But I’m on the fence I have time to decide that major.

And the reason that major is important if it’s game design which is unlikely or most likely paralegal jobs. I would have the freedom to make money and travel and make money. Paralegal and connecting with lawyers may get me the contacts for getting truly famous one day, even if you think you can sell out an arena it is rare to be picked as the musician who does so. My parents would choose to not support me most likely or a lot less if I tried chasing after a dream of acting or music. Plus if I ever lose weight I want it to be because I dropped my medication and exercised and ate right. Not because of some person telling me I have to, unless they were paying my bills for me to do so.

And fame is a delicate thing, you have to treat it with some respect, and I see a lot of famous people who are semi-famous who don’t do so. I think I could make good contributions in the world of law but I also see the potential in game design, both are very different but good. Just wanting to be on Joe Rogan is a fevered dream and even though Joe has had some nuts like flat earth conspiracy theorists on his show I want to be the educated guy who talked about his experience with drugs, rehabs stealing sperm from men in their sleep, and the guy who spoke to the government while high on meth and lady gaga and other artists made music messing with me, such as Drake, Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, and others. I apparently have a larger following then I think, and its fun posting, I like to test my limits sometimes on what I say because I am human, even if I am the chosen one.

But do I really want to sell out arenas and such, maybe, it would be insane if I could sell out one arena, and perform once, but I think there are bigger problems in the world that need to be dealt with for me to go chasing right now for some fevered dream, and having kids is an important goal of mine, I may have joked like Peter Griffin on that one episode about wanting to sleep with my daughter who was like Meg when Peter tries to be more like a redneck it was hilarious, if my daughter is hot and she is 18 I could get in trouble but that’s why I need a wife who will tame me, because I know its wrong lol or is it? Just kidding.

I was going to do more videos but not going to overload you guys with to much homework.

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