Blog 8

To explain I have like 14 albums, and I have 15 or more songs on each one, and I have so many lyrics, so when Eminem said I don’t paint toe nails he was referencing me that my foot fetish channel has one video of my feet painted in the bath tub. But artists like drake and Eminem and many others have made subliminal messages about me. Subliminal messages about me and fame and the things I have gone through, its very hard to describe you would have to listen to all my songs and listen to their recent stuff to understand, but they know I exist which is a good thing.

I’m going to go off on a rant about articles that talk about children who grow up wrong end up badly. I am going to put these fools in there place.

For starters rich or poor you have messed up and successful people in both families referring to children. One child will grow up a mean drunk litter bug. And the other one will grow up mature and successful or in progress toward that.

So I was technically a screw up at one point in my life but not so bad that it was impossible to come back from. I wasn’t a hard-core meth head like meth heads who continue to use for decades and care nothing about God or love or sobriety etc. I was the bisexual king of having so many sexual partners and loved talking to the government while I was high. Even though I took Trazadone to sleep so I was never sleep deprived.

But I can explain that those dark times were always going to be momentary. Some will even say it’s good for humans to mess up and to have a comeback from their downfall. And it’s important to do so. Even if your parents teach you the right religion and you accept Jesus and have never messed up in your life you need to accept some people will make mistakes. Some of my hard-core fans would compare me to an angel visiting earth because of my face etc. And maybe it could be true but I fail as a human sometimes just like everybody else. It’s all about psychology etc.

Even the time I have been discriminated against is like the story of a gay couple having their wedding cake rejected by a bigoted bakery. Sure the bakery has the right but if that was your boss discriminating there could be action etc. You need to learn to agree to disagree to get along with people and to co exist. Running from your problems and turning people away just for being liberal or for whatever reason should be appropriately applied.

So my point is children can grow up really crappy or really successful and even successful people have fallen from grace and sometimes never come back from it and sometimes they do come back from it. I would like to say these articles talking about children growing up non successful due to parenting is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. I don’t think it could get anymore stupid then that. But talk with someone you know after reading this like your supposed to do, to have an intelligent conversation.

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