Blog 9

We are living in hell already so heaven can’t be far away it’s our next step. I have to strongly believe in the afterlife, and maybe that immortal people can watch us from far away and they protect us. So perhaps angels are just more advanced humans who have died already in this life which is a test. I like the freedom of pro gay that atheism has, but I like the gay and bisexual Christians especially. I think hell is this life, and we have to make the best out of it, and we can make this life be like heaven if we try hard enough or with some luck.

Let us discuss Delusional beliefs for a second. I want to start off with me being a creationist but I am not a hard ass about religion, because I have slept with probably 15 women and like 80 men or more, I am a bisexual king with multiple sex partners. So let me say if you think creatonism is delusional I would feel bad for you, I remember meeting this one kid who was an atheist who loved to say God wasn’t real, he is the son of a surgeon who knew my mom, and I don’t know what ended up wth his life. His name was like Renzo or something like that, and he was very funny, I liked him, but I think his beliefs were delusional and he probably thought a creator or aliens was delusional, so that is how delusional beliefs work, they divide people. I won’t convince you why creationism is real because I already uploaded a sermon of Doug Batchelor, about it, and I know Doug is a bit of an extremist about gay marriage and things like that, but I think its important for him to have a voice, just like popular atheist speakers who have a voice and we allow them to speak that falls under free speech. We have things in this world known as “Wrongful termination” for when your fired wrongly, and free speech on the internet, and fair use for using images etc…

I was called delusional by my doctor, but I still see him and I still like him. I have learned to accept that I need to take these ignorant opinions from people as a form of protection. I think being delusional just because you think rehabs take sperm in your sleep and sell it to the highest bidder is far out of an idea, but its not that insane when you think of all the girls who want a good looking guys kid. So haters who don’t like me, would probably react very badly if their doctor or even friend told them they were delusional, they would probably have a melt down. I think doctors may do that just so we don’t feel so bad about our beliefs, but if I would tell a doctor I believe in God and he was an atheist he would probably either be nice or mean and say delusional or not based on his personal beliefs.

Other Notes:
I will sometimes forget to say where I found the song or just assume a show or my personal taste. Lately have like so many songs from Entourage may do Homeland next for the 5th time or more.

I am working on putting my music on a website working on it.

Homeland is a great show I love to repeat watch. I also love re-watching Seinfeld and Billions and Blacklist. Which Blacklist has seasons 10 playing now on the cable box, but not on Netflix yet.

Proof that Bill gates knows about me here lol hi dad. He knows the writers or something of these blogs and all that I love Bill. He is my favorite billionaire, phantom’s favorite billionaire is Elon Musk. I have gotten weird Google Alerts, Elon Musk could probably read my mail and stuff because billionaires have the power to spy in so many shapes and forms.

You can expect one more post or more bigger than this one maybe this weekend. As long as I am fine of course.

Smack that akon featuring eminem

Make it rain lil Wayne fat joe

Rihanna umbrella ft. Jay z

Breaking Me (Topic ft. A7S)

Fergie london Bridge heard it on entourage

Rihanna Ron de replay (I keep hearing songs on Entourage and gonna share a lot of them. I got like over 80 I found.)

Queens of the stone age in my head

Tv on the radio staring at the sun saw it on entourage

Jay z Ain’t No ft. Foxy Brown

N.E.R.D Lapdance ft. Lee Harvey, Vita

Stevie wonder for once in my life

Black Oak Arkansas- Back Door Man

Runnin’ The Pharcyde

Looper movie trailer highly reccomend.

$100 Peru Street Challenge

African Tribe Offers Monkey Meat!! Three Days with the Hadza Tribe!! (Full Documentary) from Best Ever Food Review Show