Confessions Book

I’ll talk about the two times I got punched once as a kid in middle school and once at like age 16 or 17. Please forgive me for my mistakes. I was probably in the wrong both times but I am human, a sinner so understand my struggle.

So I would always rap with this kid lets call him Bob, but that isn’t his real name, and he is a tan kid so Hispanic like me except I am Italian and Hispanic mix I believe, haven’t done that ancestry thing, not sure if I will. But getting back to it, I would rap with him in Middle School all the time and it was fun, and the thing I learned about rapping was I would always listen to Slim Shady the old Eminem, you know before he got all soft which I still love about him. So we would diss each other in rap battles I believe, once I convinced him even that a Kanye Song which I stole the lyrics to were written by me, and it was the one called Homecoming.

So we were in the gym one day just having fun talking, and we were walking outside and as soon as we got outside I said something as a joke a pretty bad one so you will have to forgive me and we were kids, so I told Bob, I bet his mother’s p word smelled like Donuts. Now keep in mind I got punched as a kid by another little kid and he wasn’t a small one he was a little huskier then me, and it hurt I was bleeding. A crowd of kids gathered around, and I walked away from the fight, he was whispering to this white kid and probably telling him what I said and he shot me a dirty look, lets just say I never spoke to Bob again, and I was a nerd who loved Runescape and Halo 2, and keep in mind I was born in 1994, so I am 28 right now I don’t want to end up a bum, I want to succeed at something, school is easier then fame but that’s another story.

Okay the other time was probably well deserved but it was brutal because the guy who punched me was like in his 20s at the time and I was like 16, so a bit stupider as I got older. I need to stop and say I respect women, even the escorts I pay to see me, I treat them with respect even if I do take off my clothes right away, and I don’t drunk dial them, and I make sure if they charge less then average that I tip a lot, I am a good guy, but I was in the mood to bother a young lady and I hope she could forgive me, but let me get to it. I bothered her for maybe 5 minutes or a little longer just flirting, keep in mind she is over 18 and pretty and I was a dumb idiot because I watched porn and thought I could get lucky, I was leaving anyways shortly after because I was afraid of what could happen and I guess I was right. Because shortly thereafter her boyfriend who was a tough guy coke head or something like that shows up as I am getting on my bike with my laptop in my laptop case about to ride home. And he asks me if I was in that location? And I should have lied but I am not sure if he would not be able to detect it, but just by saying yes, he punched me hard, and I remember vividly how upsetting it was, a humbling experience. I still hope he got the shit beat out of him by his dad for hitting a minor or something else, because shit I was not in a position to hurt a guy that big and much older than me.

So there my confession has been let off my chest I hope you enjoyed it, the day I run out of stories or stop repeating my conspiracies is the day I just share videos and stay a mute, but you know I get tired of sometimes being alone, I have heard of friendship apps which are nice to meet friends maybe one day I try them, but good and bad friends do exist and I have maybe a few I stay in contact with including my step brother who I see all the time but I do dislike meeting new people since I take medication which makes me tired, I just feel like getting school done and watching content. But on another note I will probably certainly have to get rid of my sleep medication when I have to get a job in the real world or before during a school break. Learn to sleep with ocean sounds or some melatonin shouldn’t hurt and leave the T.V on, like I used to do.

Other notes:
And the only time I ever got in trouble on my other website was because I had a plugin that had created to many backups of my already giant website with so much data. And I had to get it back and they claimed it was causing too much lag and such. It’s silly I know I never got in trouble for anything else.

I would drive with my bumper-sticker advertising the website for a long time. And I know I’ve reached kids I’ve seen them in my rear view. Once when leaving the Hangry Byson and driving saw a smart little girl with her grandmother or mother driving couldn’t tell. And I remember a little boy at mcdonalds who was behind me with his dad it was hilarious. I love reaching the lives of these young kids. And all the lawyers that know me have families so that’s a lot of households.

The only time I ever went to concerts was Usher with my step dad, and I forget if I have been to others, I am pretty sure I have seen Daddy Yankee and or Pit bull before. Maybe even Ricky Martin.

I know Howard stern whom I love likes to watch baby sitter porn which is hilarious. I personally like the porn stars. I try not to watch that daddy crap it’s bad for you but if the girl is terribly hot and she is over 18 oh well but still hilariously bad. So which is worse baby sitter porn or step daughter porn lmao. Both are 18 and over but both are bad. But the important thing to remember is that its not real.

I watched the new Chris Rock Special on Netflix called Selective Outrage it was intense, I loved it. I still like his older work better but hey he is writing new jokes.

For next time I should talk about this: Aliens and cleansing to explain that is difficult. I will try my best but this is just a conspiracy.

Kanye West Homecoming (a music video of it on youtube if you want to find it.)

Lil Wayne ft. Drake and Future

Lil Wayne A Milli

Chris Brown Love More ft. Nicki Minaj

Chris Brown No Guidance ft. drake

Chris Brown Under The Influence

Some Abyss who plays runescape love his videos when I wait for things in my car.

Banjo Kazooie Crystal Jiggies part 1 romhack watch if you love the game.