Conspiracies About People On High Horses

One theory I have about people who claim predators are after their children are people who are delusional into thinking we live in Mexico where people get kidnapped or Venezuela my home town where that could happen. The ego of people who hate such things is all rooted in feeling better about themselves for being on a high horse. Even if it’s wrong you should be sympathetic and understanding.

I think people have the wrong defense mechanisms, that is my conspiracy about people who are on their high horse. What about whistle blowing on rehabs that steal sperm from young men, when I was in a specific rehab I saw like 15 people some cute girls and some handsome guys all dressed well in nursing outfits just taking notes and spying on everyone there. That is the one rehab that a girl tried coming on to me who was petite who wanted to get pregnant. Difference is at night when your asleep they can put you under GHB or some sort of thing to make you fall asleep to steal it. That was back when I was experimenting with drugs, which I don’t do now thankfully.

The times I modded halo 2 for fun new and old maps was difficult I had my friend Nick who I should talk about one day, I loved him so much. We would watch porn together as kids redtube, and he helped me mod my xbox for new maps halo 2, and I will go into detail about more child hood things some other time. But modding the old maps of halo 2 which were the ones that came with the game were difficult to mod I had to play with an open Xbox, I was good at matchmaking as a pro but I had a mod account which got ban all the time you just make a new one, people cheated once you reached mid 30s in Team Slayer and Team Hardcore.

Will probably record more audio soon. Usually on weekends but may be sooner also this time.

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