In the Gif I never understood where the joke “Where do you pick your waffles from” comes from? Maybe one day someone will tell me.

Conspiracy about VPN and more

Let me explain the conspiracy of VPN which was probably once top secret that got leaked as technology grew better. At one point the internet came around with Al Gore and Bill gates and the technology was so new only few could know that laptops were the future. This is called “the future” in their hands. So when VPN first came out it probably was owned by a few thousand for years to spy on other countries websites to learn about them till later it became public.

And then you have laptops which probably had prototypes designed by the aliens who wear face masks given to Bill and his crew to make billions they were blessed heavily. Even if kids do assemble these products, the ones who make the chips and all the computer components are a mystery, even if the inside of computers are made by factories, those factories were created by highly intelligent beings. Atheists would have you believe it was just trial and error on the end of Bill and other highly intelligent people like Steve Jobs. They were like angels visiting our planet, and some of them live till this day, they mapped out the divine blueprints. But truly they must have secretly been aliens or connected to the gods, in order to bring great technology to the masses.

What I think of Erick khan in a nutshell.

I think Erick Khan is a really cool guy, I have seen his youtube videos of him getting stoned. I don’t know if I agree with all his words, but he strikes me as the type of guy who is an undercover cop. I can’t prove he is undercover, but usually these famous Youtubers like to deal with people who dab weed the strong stuff and go for hard drugs as well. I wish him nothing but success, but I think he may be a cop, but I don’t do illegal drugs anymore so I like him. I wonder how he stays so skinny while being a pot head.

He also strikes me as the type to get to know the stoner girls who would hate my website. I know he is friends with Goblin and Dope as Yola, 2 other big Youtubers, and Dope as Yola gave me a heart once or twice on the youtube comments, so its possible Erick knows about me. I think he is a guardian angel for the stubborn girls and guys who do nothing but smoke weed and get in trouble. I still like his videos, and I have watched like 30 of them, or more and that is how I found Goblin in one of them.

I Am A God beat was inspired by I Needed You, when I sent it to my producer he kind of didn’t capture the emotion behind it, so I made it into something empowering.

I heard about the girlfriend experience through entourage, when Vince was dating Sasha grey. Entourage a great T.V Show.

Talk about Mark O’ Mara who saved me from the fire, I will one day get into this. I held a lot of bitter sweet feelings toward him, but he really did save me from going to jail for 3 years. I appreciated all his help and love and support, I hope I get to speak to him again after graduation, assuming I don’t turn to real estate and die a loser, but seriously him and my therapist keep in touch they are pretty cool. If you ever get arrested he may be your guy. He helped me with a drug case that took years. Meth trafficking conspiracy when in previous posts I have explained I was returning it, however they were right that I hung around dealers in my dark times. But cops don’t get as mad at hiring escorts, or smoking weed, as they do with hard drugs and stuff like that.

Chris Brown I needed You with lyrics

Most Kingz Jay-Z featuring Chris Martin (I have remixed this song to death)

Chris Brown See Through (remixed also)

Omarion ft. Chris Brown & Jhene Aiko – Post To Be

Going Through Changes Eminem

Eminem Till I Collapse

Rose Royce – Love don’t live here anymore 1978

I’m Good Pharrell clipse

James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream

The Rolling Stones – The Spider and the Fly

Mammalian Locomotion – Abbe May

Monster jay z kanye Nicki Minaj

Joe rogan kanye west