Experiences as a Dealer

I made some stupid decisions on meth. I would love to go into detail. I will give one. I was dating this drug dealer girl who I will not name. She was special to me, we met at a 3 star hotel. I was with the dealers that sold meth and needed me to drive them in a beamer. I ran into a tutor of mine who was teaching me how to use a music program who fucked me at my house during a session, I was real slutty. He fucked me at random at random times, he was fucking me one night in the bathroom at one of the hotels I visited. And I was screaming pretty loud and the girl dealer I am speaking of was listening to this. After I came out we spoke she was there with a gay friend or something like that.

We hit it off, and it was all about meth and sex, so she really wanted to smoke and chill. I will say she was really good in bed, and I was so high that I didn’t think straight and said some very unusual sexual things that she didn’t seem to mind. Lmao I cannot believe I did that. But I will leave story time of that there for now.

Other things:

I stopped the Wellbutrin for now and just sticking to 10mg of Saphris till one day I get rid of it. But it helps with sleep it just leaves you tired the next day.

It’s fun to have playlists on YouTube to add content to the playlist to make sure you don’t rewatch on accident the video you just watched.

Katey Perry California Gurls ft. Snoop Dogg

Eminem Rap God

Marijuana Withdrawal is real but when you take sleeping meds you barley feel it. Cg Kid gave me a heart before he is really cool. The downside of marijuana the withdrawal so even though I like potporn on YouTube. I think it’s important to know the other side of it. He is nice.

Kingsman the Secret Service

Kingsman the Golden Circle


Elysium Movie Clip

Kevin Heart Breakfast Club

Snoop Dogg Hot Boxin with Mike Tyson