Illuminati plus more

Pure conspiracy here so take it as fictional writing or whatever.

The Illuminati of wealthy people who use face masks probably have high technology like vaporizers to vaporize other people they don’t like, people in general who cause trouble. But if you keep to yourself and don’t act out it should never happen to you. This is just a conspiracy but think of it like this. The lawyers and doctors have face masks and twins and people paying to be in their position. But some of them probably have ways of eliminating the bad ones.

But most likely most bad people in general probably don’t get this punishment they just grow up alone and alienated from family and the rest of the world. Its a nice concept that mercy is given to those who are against you, but sometimes people against you are just pretending to dislike you because they deal with the people who genuinely hate you. Like undercover cops or big you-tubers, I think a lot of big You-tubers are undercover cops who only their closest fans and friends would ever know about. I never went to the academy I never saw the appeal, and I don’t think all cops are bad, but they all do look alike you got to admit the face mask video I showed of the Emma Watson mask unmasks is pretty epic. Aliens could be visiting us right as we speak as popular figures and lawyers etc. and we would never know unless they told us.

Now don’t get me wrong murder is technically illegal and remains so for good reason. But when you speak on the law makers and powerful people who don’t use their real identity and can be connected to aliens, it is possible vaporizers would exist like on Courage The Cowardly Dog and other cartoons when they turn to dust. This is something powerful leaders of all over the world probably invest in, and they probably keep laws tight and secure, and we the people need to accept and sometimes bypass or break those laws while living here on this earth. Obeying some laws makes sense, but some are ludicrous, in just so many ways. And yes good people can be killed or hurt by weapons, but that is automatic prison for good reason, but I am speaking about the all powerful Illuminati, just a conspiracy.

Other notes:
I want to be able to work in Florida and maybe in the future travel for future work. Not sure yet. I just don’t like that game design companies make simple games I don’t like however I know of Activision which accepts interns and they make call of duty which I like very much. But all those challenges are not perfect for me to attain and I don’t like programming much I like the 3d models because I have made level designs for ocarina of time for personal use not published. It is fun even with the limits I have, and I think if I can be settled in with a good woman one day with a good job in law.

I could eventually maybe try my contacts for other interests but not sure. I am also not the best drawer, I have limited knowledge about that. Helping criminals is also more noble then working for a giant conglomerate that makes awesome games. But its a sticky situation. Shadowing people who do those jobs would be fun, truly I am in love with the concept of game design but most companies that are amazing may require far away travel and I have lived with my parents for so long and moved out only for a year that I need to get accustomed to it.

Also with law I have the lawyer who represented me for a long time who is a great contact in that world. While the game design companies may accept me and maybe I would love it but then again I would miss law and the opportunities there. So maybe I am one of those do one career for 5 years or more and then go to school again for the second career with more contacts as I’m older.

I also love the company Jagex, I don’t know how they feel about me but I get the feeling they love me don’t ask me how I know. But the game idea I had which is an absurd amount of fun would not be chosen if not properly trained and the funding would be insane but I created a lot of game content I might share here in a downloadable folder of paint maps and word docs it’s fun to read the quests and such. I just believe the majority of my audience loves me and accepts me for my flaws and what not, no one is perfect, even god makes mistakes would be another topic to dwell on.

Last 2 things to say I am trying to post once or twice on the weekends for now to see how it goes. Oh and I am working on making a website linked to this one with my music, going to see how to spread it our carefully.

Chris brown kiss kiss. I remember remaking this song under fair use and I would sing lovey dovey a lot on it and and older one. And drake later came out on scorpion saying no more of that lovey dovey shit. Lmao

Shakira – La Tortura ft. Alejandro Sanz I was hearing someone listen to this the other day and I remembered it as a kid and found out the song, I love it when that happens.

Gwen Stefani misery

Fergie amazing classic heard it as a kid. So glad they took my sperm as a kid. Kidding I can’t prove it yet lol.

Ludacris my chick bad ft. Nicki Minaj

Ludacris Grew Up A Screw Up

Push it baby baby I would sing baby baby all the time and it’s because I heard this song as a kid. lol

Str3ngthz runescape

Crazy movie with vampires with George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino and a character called Quentin Tarantella appeared on Courage The Cowardly Dog which is the dog based off my moles etc. that I have spoken about in older posts. From Dusk Till Dawn the first one.

American gangster great movie and Jay z has a great album called American gangster.

Whale Meat Controversy of Best Ever Food Review Show I would probably not try it, but I do love venison and that sort of food.