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Sharing Halo 2 stuff hope you enjoy and some music.

Ricky Martin – Til I Get to You. I described to the spies during my meth days that Ricky Martin Life was one of my favorite albums and More Life Drake came out. For any one who has heard my music a lot of subliminal messages from Drake. Creepy weird I love it. I even remember the helicopter that flew over my house and stayed there for like 5 minutes. The way I knew they were watching was the cable box was lighting up and turning off every once in a while and when you are on a drug that strong you get bored lol. Even though the TV was off.

Bad Medicine Bon Jovi

Dead or Alive Bon Jovi

Living On A Prayer Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi Have a Nice Day

Final Boss Halo 2 Montage

Phurion Halo 2 montage