Recapping 5 Conspiracies about me Augusto Gabe.

I will recap some of my beliefs here since I am working on the main website. So you get to know me. Now I could always be wrong it’s a possibility but it’s important to note you can have different beliefs and not be dangerous in any way.

1. Stealing sperm rehabs etc.
I can’t prove this conspiracy but I think its safe to say if we could not steal sperm from men, then drugs would be legal like in Portugal. But even then I can give you so many examples of times I was in rehab and hot girls wanted to sleep with me, because they wanted my kid, it was the old fashioned way, and maybe one day I will get into these stories, even a cute asian doctor who was not my type hit on me by leaving her number on her card, after my operation in the hospital. So usually doctors, nurses, and few others in professions know about this topic.

2. Do we live on a star (aliens exist they live amongst us we would never know.)
I cannot prove this either, but maybe stars are planets and we are alienated from alien races that are holier then us, they never sinned, they never taste death, and they watch over us and give us the evolution of technology by living amongst us like Elon Musk, Bill Gates etc. They are all special humans who are secretly from the great beyond.

3. Technology was created by aliens.
This goes to number 2. But I can give you a leak of Futurama when that was playing there was an episode of Leonardo da Vinci, and he came from another planet full of smart people, and he was dumb of course, but this shows that smart people come from other worlds with knowledge that is so hard to learn, etc. They have contacts to the people who made all the car factories etc. So computers and cars are all from other worlds that love us and watch over us in our fallen state. The fact that Leonardo was made fun of on that episode and he wanted to build a machine to kill everyone explains a lot.

4. The gods or aliens as you would call them are what created us to be in this simulation we call life.
In this simulation of life we should all be kind to each other, understand opposing views and preach our views when we get the chance, to connect. The people who carry hate for whatever reason ruin the fun and peace for everyone else.

5. Revolution happened with marijuana and eventually decriminalization of all hard drugs so people don’t have to go to jail or get something cut with their product like fentanyl which could kill them.
Basically one thing I always spoke about was this desire to be free from jail and learn to make mistakes with drugs, and then go to rehabs willingly or if a person wants to live to get high they can a freedom of choice, but not everyone agrees with these views. Once a long time ago a teacher taught drug immunity in a class of psychology, explaining that drug users are allowed to use and not go to jail, but my experience was different in the sense that my family would never allow me to do such things, nor would I want to break those rules to begin with. I liked smoking pot on rare occassion but not everyday it would cause my memory to go bad while I was attending.

A few other random things below:
I have seen some youtubers that easily buy 1 million subscribers and so many views to talk about how creepy or insane certain people are. It is disturbing and wrong on so many levels how they become famous based on this. Even justin Bieber someone I adore very much had to buy views and followers because record companies do that, especially at the beginning but then after a while they may naturally get many views and buy less.

I personally don’t think I’m ready for youtube videos yet I dream about one day being super famous and passing down my website to my kids so they can carry the torch or just pay the bills to keep it running but I don’t want them to feel pressured to follow in my footsteps.
And when I watch all of family guy I notice the recent new ones have messages about me. They are subtle hints like Peter watching Asa Akira porn on his desktop because I have an 18 plus website with her on it. But I do know even with all that love from Hollywood I am not meant for that sort of spotlight. Being interviewed by Joe rogan would be fun but he may not even want me on his show. Eminem knows about me and shouted me out by calling me gus on the album revival “Gus I got you in a depocale” or “in trouble” but some people in my life would think I am crazy if I outright said it.

And now I am taking 2 classes in school only because I’m on a strong medication that makes me sleep for 9 or 10 hours. I do plan on one day getting off it to have the full effects of energy but I am close to being done in school. Paralegal or game design still haven’t decided but paralegals have more options more job opportunity. What I could do is shadow both professions to see which is better but honestly I like helping people. I could always do game design when I’m older or even try to be a lawyer after paralegal or game design first then lawyer. But maybe I am getting ahead of myself I should focus on getting something done to get paid and I no longer dream of being rich my family has me covered but I do want to be a self made man in my own right.

Lastly I probably will sound insane for this. But I definitely want to know how lawyers and spies wear face masks and rotate to live each other’s lives and have special emails that only few have. I may reach 70 years of age wondering how all that works. I saw Tom cruise in a mission impossible movie look like the bad guy and he took off his realistic mask and it was Tom cruise all along.

Sonny from Best Ever Food Review Show eating whales! Insane I just tried Venison and its very good.

Tie Me Down Gryffin, love the EDM channel when I am fucking. Don’t ask me if I pay but maybe with woman I do, and with men I don’t.

Evolution, Creation, and Logic Doug Batchelor, I love this sermon and I don’t always agree with his views but it was good logic for why creators or a creator made us.

And I’ve been watching bizarre foods with andre zimmern which I got on discovery plus all 12 seasons It’s going to take a while to watch it all.

For those of you who have seen the main website have seen that they put my birthday in Courage The Cowardly Dog on the episode Muriel Meets Her Match for the Safe combination. And Seinfeld last air date was 5-14, which was my birthday. And Breaking Bad Train