Some random songs of Augusto Gabe I will make sure to upload when I can more even to download or just wait till my main website is done, I have 14 Albums done and tons of songs.

Click here to listen to the podcast 20 minutes long or so with Phantom and me.

The reasons I like porn are all different, I think its very bad to not ever masturbate, you got to let out your excess energy. Plus if you get lucky one day with a partner your going to want to not cum right away. I take Viagra because the medicine I take for sleep a bipolar med, makes me cum quicker if I wasn’t wearing a condom as an example. I can last for 30 minutes or an hour if I wanted to. Porn is good for you, just don’t venture into the weird stuff, unless that’s your thing lol.

The times girls hit on me in my life rehabs etc.
I will focus on the girls in rehab, once I was at one in Orlando where this petite young thing wanted to fuck me, and she kissed with me but I didn’t go through with it, she wanted me to bang her in the shower because they check your rooms every 15 minutes. She was my type and I wanted to bang her and I didn’t know the rehab at the time was stealing my sperm but at the end of the day this sign was one that rehabs were bad news, I just didn’t want to give my baby to her, and I will not name any girls I ever did do that with.

Another time at the Rehab called ATMC in Sedona Arizona, I was in the Jacuzzi with this very skinny chick who was cute average looking, and she wanted to go to my room but I denied her, I was more interested in a guy there that didn’t like me and he ended up banging her since I didn’t claim her. I was there for 4 months which was intense. Many more examples I can give maybe in the future. The divide my website creates in people. Some who will adore me or like me while others think terrible things of me for whatever reason they have it in their head that they shouldn’t associate with me.

I have had people like me and love me and just understand where I am coming from. And other times I have had people get upset at me if I would share my views, almost like I was a pariah, I think blogs are for people who are lonely, I think the majority of blogs are not so great because they do not take risks or they do not say what side they are on politically. I like to voice my opinions in a safe environment.

But check out the podcast Phantom and me made for you guys and the clips from YouTube and some of my songs from my music. I got a great producer that makes me beats or I buy them online. Depends on what I am going for. And under Blog I plan on posting things that are meant for Augusto Gabe still working on it.

The interview movie many cool clips to find check it out.

Get hard great movie

Homeless guy breaking bad impressions

Love watching and playing halo infinite. I stick to team Slayer with my brother. It’s very fun. I get 20 kills or more half the time. The other half 14 kills or less depending. I seem to think so many people cheat but I love argyle the new map the first one lucid plays on.

Hot ones great Youtube Show with Bryan Cranston.