I have eaten ground venison pasta with red sauce. Ground elk with red sauce and pasta and soon wild boar ground. Have tried venison burgers very delicious. Just go to your local butcher. I want to try some other exotics but I am not sure yet my brother doesn’t want to try ostrich and stuff like that.

I should say the time I pawned a computer was a terrible desktop that had windows 10 with the blue death screen convinced them to give me like 1,000 for it. I forget. The other time when I was a driver for drug dealers I was selling drugs rarely to feed my habit but I was to scared to actually sell full time. So I gave my Alien ware laptop windows 7 which is my favorite windows version. To my dealer friend and he kept it and ended up stealing like 400 dollars with a credit card scam thing. Which I noticed while high at my parents house when I was talking to spies for a long time. To the cable box. I may not always post daily just for now.

I have a conspiracy that the people watching my cable box are more so from Local internet companies, that are connected with spying who travel to New York often back and forth to find how to spy on computers by exchanging information. It would be an interesting thing to see, not my brightest moments but I loved every minute of it, now I can do it with the old bumper sticker I would have driving around letting people know where to find my website and through youtube comments etc. I have been able to access people who are not just spies, but I am sure not everyone will like me, just like I think the people who like me will be kids and grown adults who relate to me. I feel their energy like when Goku gets energy for his spirit explosion on Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super.

El Farsente Remix Ozuna x Romeo

Drake Succesful

Perfect Illusion lady gaga subliminal messages in it when I was back on meth talking to spies in those days if you read the lyrics or pay attention. It came out in October 21, 2016 and I was talking to spies on meth during early 2016 lol. Maybe I should work in law in LA to run into her twins and masked girls lol.

Katey perry Dark Horse ft. Juicy J

Eminem Guilty Conscience ft. Dr. Dre the Slim Shady I would hear as a kid since I was born 1994.

Chris Rock at his best, I also love Bill Burr and Dave Chapelle on Netflix

Don’t Be a Menace in South Central

More of Long shot the Romantic movie with Seth Rogan

Mask Wearers lmao

Joel Gold Digger catcher, he gave me a heart before for my comment so I will boost him. I have also gotten hearts from Londons Way, NateGotKeys, Nyyear Price and Treishon TV, and some others.