Wealth divide in our Country

Conspiracy here so take it as fictional writing and what not.

So the division of wealth in our country is simply because some children like males in particular produce the sperm all the housewives want, so if their boyfriend isn’t hot enough they find the mother who has the beautiful child who is 5 or older and take his sperm in his sleep, now this is just a conspiracy mind you, but it explains how some people are luckier then others when their families have more money etc. You can’t take from a woman sperm for example, only men, but that can still happen to adults in certain relationships or at a rehab, I personally like it when you have a relationship and you connect and vibe with the person, then its okay if they take your sperm whether it be through condom which is the old fashion way, or the even older way pregnancy and maybe she rotates with twins or maybe she flies solo.

But the point being, I don’t think you should get mad at guys when they figure out women want babies, I have told you guys my stories in the past of the older female doctor who came onto me after my surgery who surely wanted my DNA. I also told you of the girls in rehab that wanted to bang without a condom, and I even had one girl I slept with who got upset when I wouldn’t take it off but we went all night but that was in the past. I also have spoken briefly about people who have the power to type money into existence, this means they have a special computer to where they can type a large amount of money and it goes into a secret bank account. This is a gift that few have in society, obviously this one is harder or impossible to prove, but that is how special banks can have all the power to bail people out etc. Because keep in mind money is a figment of our imagination we just run it through debit cards and credit cards etc.

Other notes:
I’ve watched entourage that I have bought so many times. I have seen it like 8 times. I have watched breaking bad like 10 times. And I have seen better call Saul like 2 or 3 times. And I have seen Ozark like 3 times. And I just finished your honor with Bryan Cranston the guy from breaking bad and I could see myself watching that one again in a year or so. So because of that those are some of my favorite repeatable shows. So I recommend watching those shows, and even other shows and movies I need to share clips or talk about would be important eventually.

Losing My Way Justin Timberlake I have been hearing a lot of Future sex love sounds from my iPod, its a great album, 20 times or 30 times listening to it.

What Goes Around Comes Around Justin Timberlake (long version on youtube)

Timbaland Apologize ft. OneRepublic

Jay-Z The Story of OJ

Jay-Z Kanye West Otis ft. Otis Redding

Jay-Z American Dreamin’

The Best Thing about me is you Ricky Martin Spanish Version and English version is the next video. (Lo Mejor de Mi Vida Eres Tu)

The best thing about me is you Ricky martin

Shakira hips don’t lie

Loca Shakira

Ojos asi Shakira

Lil Wayne I feel Like Dying

Bob odernkirk on first we feast better call saul and breaking bad two of my favorite shows.